33rd Irish Mathematical Olympiad — Round 1

Since 1988, the Irish Mathematical Olympiad is an annual event which attracts students in Ireland with a particular talent in Mathematics. This Olympiad begins with Round 1, a contest designed for any and all interested students in second level schools in Ireland.

During the first week of November, we will email instructions on how to conduct this contest to all members of the irishmathsolympiad google group. If you wish to receive these instructions, please apply to join this mailing list by the end of October. If you have difficulties doing so, please email us at irishmathsolympiad@gmail.com.

This year, Round 1 is scheduled to take place during 11–15 November 2019 in all second level schools in Ireland.

Students and Parents

If you are interested in Round 1 of the Irish Mathematical Olympiad, please contact a maths teacher in your school and let them know about this website.


In order to register your school for Round 1, please follow the link below and fill in the form with your details.

Please note that even if you registered in 2018 or before for IrMO Round 1, you need to register again this year in order to receive the solutions for this year's contest.

We will then contact you by email and provide instructions on how to mark the work of the participating students.

Follow this link to the form.

The organisers of the Irish Mathematical Olympiad would appreciate very much if you supplied some statistical information about your involvement in Round 1. Information on how to do this will be included in the email sent to you after completing the form above.

We thank all schools who participated last year in Round 1 for their support of the Irish Mathematical Olympiad.